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About Us

Save This Soil is a citizen campaign established by Marylanders seeking to preserve the organic farm that has been safeguarding the 20-acre plot of school land along Brickyard Road in Potomac for the past 32 years. Save This Soil is working with Brickyard Educational Farm to develop agricultural education projects at the Brickyard site. Save This Soil, an effort to foster agricultural education, farm-to-school vegetable production, farmer training, and seed saving on the Brickyard Road school land, evolved from the first campaign to save this farmland, originally called Save Nick’s Organic Farm. Carissa Doll Lovelace is the campaign manager for Save This Soil, she can be contacted here.

Save this Soil logo

Logo designed by Lizzy Eichorn. If you are interested in contacting Lizzy Eichorn, the logo design artist, to consult with her about a project of your own that requires any sort of artwork please use her contact page.