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Heirloom Seeds Inspiring Art and Creativity in DC and around the County

Authored by Kristen Marrs; Kristen Is A Preschool Teacher By Day, And An Avid Social Media Geek By Night. You Can Find Her First Publication In Chicken Soup For The Soul: Tough Times For Teens. Feel Free To Contact Her At
Wed, Jul 3 2013

In June, a local community Art Gallery displayed a series of works that many might not have considered an artistic medium - seed packets.

Garlic and Mustard, two words that when put together are not as tasty as they sound

Authored by Carissa
Mon, May 13 2013

Garlic Mustard is actually kind of pretty. What it is doing to our native plants is not. The Plant Conservation Association has a great break down of the native plants, insects and eco systems that are in danger due to the Garlic Mustard invasion.

Governor O'Malley's Wind Energy Bill could lead to first offshore windfarm in Maryland

Authored by Sabine Dohrn
Fri, Jan 25 2013

On Jan. 22, Governor O´Malley held a press conference at the  Annapolis Statehouse announcing his (re-) introduction of the wind energy bill for the first offshore windfarm in Maryland. He thanked the 24 co-sponsors in the Senate (24 is sufficient to secure a majority in the Senate).  Last year it failed to pass the senate by one vote.

Fracking Questions that need to be asked

Authored by Sabine Dohrn
Wed, Jan 23 2013

On January 22, 2013 I attended a State Senate hearing of the Committee for Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs in Annapolis, about the bill that would levy a fee of $10 per acre on leased land for fracking to help finance an environmental impact study before giving out permits for gas fracking in Maryland´s Marcellus Shale in Garrett County.

Marguerite, what exactly is the Jane Lawton Act??

Authored by Margaurite Stevenson; Brickyard Educational Farm Intern. She Is Currently A Sophomore At Montgomery College Where She Is Pursuing A BA In Philosophy.
Sat, Oct 20 2012

Much of the health of children in Montgomery County rests upon the meals they eat in school! Imagine if we could give them healthier, fresher food than the processed, bulk-purchased fare they eat now, while at the same time benefiting the state’s economy.

Sophia takes the White House Kitchen Garden Tour

Authored by Sophia Maravell; Founder Of Brickyard Educational Farm
Sun, Oct 14 2012

       Did you know that Brickyard Educational Farm is only 16 miles from the White House? We personally see this as a plus (despite the traffic), because of the national debate that is happening around sustainable agriculture and food security. For instance, as California is voting to label GMO’s, we here at BEF are in the heart of our nations capital, preserving seed in DC’s urban fringe.