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Garlic and Mustard, two words that when put together are not as tasty as they sound

Authored by Carissa
Mon, May 13 2013

Garlic Mustard is actually kind of pretty. What it is doing to our native plants is not. The Plant Conservation Association has a great break down of the native plants, insects and eco systems that are in danger due to the Garlic Mustard invasion. Click here to read the full report.

If you want to not just read, but do, something about Garlic Mustard, you should click here to learn about Montgomery County's Weed Warrior program.

High school students from Poolesville Highschool also took action to combat Garlic Mustard. Check out what educating public school students about our local ecosystem can inspire by clicking here.

Of course this is just one of many weeds that pose a threat to the Brickyard Site while the MCPS School Board is revising its policy regarding the leasing of future school site properties. The previous farmer has written to the School Board letting them know that he is willing to tend the property in the interim. He is still awaiting a response. To read more about the policy revisions the School Board is working on click here.


Yes, I think its pretty also. And also know that if you let it go the seeds seem to fly from the plant when you touch it. Good luck. I hope you can get back to farming the land.

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