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Governor O'Malley's Wind Energy Bill could lead to first offshore windfarm in Maryland

Authored by Sabine Dohrn
Fri, Jan 25 2013

On Jan. 22, Governor O´Malley held a press conference at the  Annapolis Statehouse announcing his (re-) introduction of the wind energy bill for the first offshore windfarm in Maryland. He thanked the 24 co-sponsors in the Senate (24 is sufficient to secure a majority in the Senate).  Last year it failed to pass the senate by one vote.  O´Malley pointed out that Maryland with its long shoreline is the second most vulnerable state in the US to flooding, second only to Florida, and that 72% of Marylanders now are in of support wind energy.  To achieve an economy of scale, Maryland would consider partnering with Virginia and Delaware.  The windfarm would be built 10 miles off the shore near Ocean City.  It is expected to  produce 200 mega watts and to create 850 jobs in construction and about 200 for maintenance. Apart from the obvious benefits, it would also result in savings in public health care cost. Representatives from different organizations and backgrounds spoke in support. A slight rate increase for electric bills of 1.50$ perhousehold as well as federal subsidies would be necessary to finance the project.

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