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Montgomery County Civic Federation and all the great work they do!

Authored by Julianne Lovergine
Fri, Dec 28 2012

This December, the Montgomery County Civic Federation gives their monthly community hero award to someone “whose vision, passion and energy have created a new and exciting resource for the county and particularly for our children.” She embodies the MCCF’s mission to develop and enhance the quality of life for all Montgomery County residents; a huge congratulations to our founder of Brickyard Educational Farm, Sophia Maravell!

The MCCF represents a dedicated group of volunteers who work to encourage the collaboration between the different civic and community organizations in Montgomery County, in order to give a citizen voice to local county policy makers. Through their efforts they have helped the county adopt a resolution for the Brickyard Coalition, promoted new groups who look to improve food and nutrition issues in Montgomery County public schools, as well as organized the first Montgomery County Bicycle Conference, which later influenced the improvement of bicycle infrastructure and interest in the county.  

These are just a few of the many issues that MCCF has been involved in support of Montgomery County and all its residents. We thank MCCF for looking out for our county’s best interests and for their continued support of Brickyard Educational Farm!

Brickyard Educational Farm intern, Julianne Lovergine

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