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Victory for windfarms but fracking looms over Marylands future

Authored by Sabine Dohrn
Mon, Mar 11 2013

The Maryland State Senate in Annapolis cast two important votes this past week: Delegate Heather Mizeurs' fracking moratorium and the Speakers' Maryland Off-Shore Wind Energy Act of 2013.  We lost the first one - with a vote of 5:4 against the moratorium and won the latter.  The defeat of the fracking moratorium means that we need to intensify the pressure on elected officials in Maryland and raise more awareness on the inherent risks of fracking. We also need to recognize that just because we are not directly locally affected, does not mean that we are "safe"  from  potential environment and health risks.  Both CCAN and the Sierra Club are actively fighting on both fronts and you can easily access their information on further actions if you wish to be more actively involved. If you are free this Wednesday, CCAN is inviting everyone to gather for  a Fracking Moratoium Rally on March 13th at 10:30am in Annapolis.

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