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Georgetown Day School Students Learn the Importance of Persuasive Writing with Sophia Maravell

Authored by Sophia
Fri, Sep 28 2012

Today I was a guest speaker at Sarah Redmond’s 11th grade English class at Georgetown Day School. Sarah visited Brickyard Educational Farm to volunteer this summer with a service learning group made up of GDS teachers, and students from various high schools in DC. When Sarah asked me to speak to her persuasive writing class, I was excited to connect two subjects, English and Agriculture, that are not obviously related.

Sarah brought me in to talk about Brickyard Educational Farm as an option for her students to take on a real world issue for their ‘King’ assignment. The assignment is inspired from MLK’s famous, eloquent and persuasive Letter from Birmingham Jail. After reading King’s letter, and studying up on pathos, logos and ethos, the students now have to write persuasively about something they care about. Luckily for Brickyard Educational Farm, we are in the midst of a letter writing campaign!

A visiting student tour walked into the classroom, and may have been confused as to why an English class was learning how corn is pollinated. However, it is essential to understand that wind carries corn pollen long distances, and cross-contamination from Genetically Modified corn pollen is a major threat to preserving our genetic seed biodiversity- (if you are going to write persuasively and accurately about this topic). Thank you to the wonderful GDS class, and perhaps we'll include a letter next week in our blog!

We at Brickyard Educational Farm are looking forward to our in-class programming next week at Brooksfield Montessori School, where we will continue to explore ways of relating agriculture and sustainable food to multiple disciplines.

Georgetown Day School Students with Sophia Maravell

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