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Get Involved

We have a new structure for the Save this Soil campaign that is still evolving. We now have different committees focusing on different components of the campaign. The groups that have been formed thus far are: Outreach, Political Pressure, Fund Raising, and the Brickyard Educational Farm. Once a month, we will have a meeting that is open to all volunteers, or people looking to get involved in the campaign. The purpose of this meeting will be for all the committees to report back on what they’re working on, and outline the tasks that they will need done for the month. This will allow people at the monthly meeting to step into those roles, and get more involved in the committee groups. Committee groups will meet and communicate outside of these monthly meetings.

  • Brickyard Educational Farm: This committee will be devoted to getting the word out about the Educational Center and inviting more groups to come. This group will also plan regular volunteer days on the farm, and will recruit volunteer teachers to help teach classes in the garden. For more information, contact Sophia.
  • Outreach Committee: The purpose of the Outreach Committee is to create a groundswell of support to convince the Board of Education, and other decision makers that this land should be used for educational purposes, and benefit ALL Montgomery County students. They will be reaching out through group presentations and at farmer’s markets. The outreach committee will also be helping all the other committees connect with new people. For more info, contact Naomi.
  • Political Pressure: The political pressure group will be figuring out the best tactics to utilize our groundswell of support to put pressure on decision makers (in a respectful, but powerful way). For more information, contact Carrie.
  • Fund Raising: The Fund Raising group will be raising money for both Save this Soil, and the Brickyard Educational Farm. They will be organizing events, house parties, and other fund raising appeals. For more information, contact Mimi.


If you want to get involved, but aren’t sure where you fit in, or for any other questions, suggestions, or requests, contact Carissa.