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Date Author Source
Feb 20 13 Potomac soccer field devlopment halted, county surrenders lease to land Hatzel Vela WJLA
Aug 14 12 Brickyard soccer fields: Governor Martin O'Malley comes out against construction Justin Karp & Greta Kreuz ABC 7
May 30 12 Supporters keep fighting for Nick's Organic Farm in Potomac Audrey Barnes FOX 5
May 09 12 Soccer fields: Brickyard Coalition accuses Leggett of hiding records Ben Eisler ABC 7
Mar 20 12 Some Montgomery County executive powers could be stripped Ben Eisler ABC 7
Mar 20 12 Montgomery Council Wants Say In Plan To Sell County Property Matt Bush WAMU
Mar 08 12 Montgomery County Council bill would reduce executive's power, stop Potomac soccer field plan Ben Eisler ABC 7
Jan 31 12 Potomac residents raise ethics concerns over public land Ben Eisler ABC 7
Dec 15 11 Farmer Strives To Stay On School Land Jessica Gould WAMU
Dec 15 11 Potomac residents oppose plan turning organic farm into soccer fields Ben Eisler ABC 7
Dec 13 11 Protecting a Potomac farm Jummy Olabanji ABC 7
Nov 17 11 Nick’s Organic Farm Petitions to Keep Potomac Land Brendan Ponton Capital News Service
Apr 05 11 Land Battle Brewing in Potomac: Craig Melvin reports on the opposition to a proposal to put soccer fields on an area that is currently an organic farm NBC 4
Mar 09 11 Comment from Nick Maravell in "The Art of Urban Farming," starting at minute 50:15 WAMU 88.5 The Kojo Nnamdi Radio Show
Mar 07 11 Montgomery County School Board to Vote on Turning Land into Soccer Complex ABC 7